Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PIF Swap Gifts

Drora   received the gifts that I sent for the PIF Swap and has posted some pictures on her blog.

Rachel  has not received hers yet,  some of what I sent was the same and some was different. 

 Rachel if you don't want to spoil the surprise you should not read any further.

Everyone else scan down to see.

Here is  what the packages looked like before I stuffed them into 2 envelopes.  The ones on the left are Drora's, the right Rachel's.

When I read on Drora's blog that she was putting together a sewing room I knew that I had to share some bits of fabric that I had got just a few days before.  I store my fat quarters of fabric in plastic baskets, so I made a couple for her. 

I  made the plate from polymer clay, the candles from birthday cake candles, I picked brown and gold colored stones from a pack that I bought at Walmart.  (sorting again)  I also think it would also look nice with a few of Drora's lovely shells that she has shared with so many of us.

I also made some clay stamps and formers out of polymer clay and included some other things that I like to use as tools with clay.    Drora has some lovely teapots that she made with polymer clay and beads.  She also made really nice scissors for her sewing room. 

And I made some food,  some cut green beans in zip lock bag,  2 baked potatoes and some pats of butter.   The bags are 1" x 1" equal to 1 gallon freezer bags in mini.

I left everything loose, so that they can be used  differently if wanted.

Then I gathered some bits and pieces.

Some metal findings,  I can't wait to see how Drora uses these.   I know that she will find uses for some of them in the smaller scales that she sometimes works in.

 Some beads, mostly porcelain,  one blown glass and a few glittery plastic.  I think that they all make good vases in different scales but could be used many ways.

And some other bits and pieces that I have collected that I think work in 1/12 th scale.  I
think that the  glittery flat bottomed marble makes a good  paperweight  and the green bead makes a good bar of soap.

I also included some small zip close bags, some small elastics and some white ribbon pieces.  I use lots of small  bags to try to organize all the bits and pieces that I collect.   The small elastics are great for holding things together while glue dries and have many other uses.   Jaynie is wearing a bright orange one doubled over as a bracelet, she wants more summer jewelery,  maybe soon. 

Drora,   I'm glad that you liked your gifts,  I enjoyed making and gathering them to share with you.          

I still have 3 opening in my PIF Swap,  if you would like me to send a special gift to you click here 
and follow the rules.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary


  1. Mary, I want to thank you again. Sorry I mistook the potatoes. They really are great! I already made something out of the cocktail bamboo forks. It will be shown in my next post. I have lots of plans for all the rest.

  2. Drora, you are very welcome, I enjoy sharing. It's okay, no problem. Your balcony is great, I can't wait to see the rest of your scene.

  3. Hi Mary I just found your blog and have become a follower. I saw your gifts to Drora they are all beautiful. Welcome to Blogland. I am sure that you will find a lot of friends here. :) Hugs Maria

  4. Hi Maria, Welcome, I'm glad you like my blog.

    I tried to look at you blog but had tech problems, kept getting disconnected. I will try again later.

  5. Hola Mary, los regalos que hiciste a Drora son fabulosos, Drora sabrá sacar provecho de todo ese preciado material.
    Un abrazo