Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Calendar Swap

Here is the gift from Ninni  for door 22.

A cute little Moomins bedding set.

Thanks Ninni, these are very nice, great work.

Here is what I sent Ninni for door 22.

I made a set of tiny birds and holy leaf ornaments,

punched from craft foil and shaped and detailed with a clay shaping and needle tool.

A tiny little Christmas tree, made from a bumpy chenelle stem, seed beads and a star punched from crafts foil.


A Christmas tree charm and a few star charms.

I placed them all in a little organizer before I wrapped them up.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season.

Thank you for visiting,  Mary

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Calendar Swap

I participated in  Ninni's  door swap,  I have doors 20 and 22.

These are the lovely gifts that I received in the beautifully wrapped package marked 20.

Thank you Ninni, for organizing this swap and for the great gifts.

These are my gifts to Ninni, all wrapped up before they went into a padded envelpe.

There was still some space in the envelope that seemed a shame to waste, so I added a few more small items that I had around.

I didn't take a picture but you can see the extras on Ninni's blog  (picture between door 10 and 11).

This is the gift that I made  for door 20,
a Christmas candle centerpiece.
I hope that Ninni likes it.

Come back on the 22nd to see what is in this package from Ninni.

I can't wait to see what is in it, I'm practicing patience.

And also see what else I sent her for door 22.

A warm welcome to  Nechiporenko Tatiana.   Please let me know if you have a blog, I'm not finding one. 

MJ is enjoying a great tour of San Francisco with Carol of   My Realitty , go by to enjoy it also.

Merry Merry

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Lives Here?

I finally bought a  Lekman box   from Ikea a few weeks ago.

I've been trying to put together a Christmas scene but it was not going well.  I somehow misplaced a box that has most of my Christmas items.  Hopefully I'll locate it soon.

Today I recieved some scrapbook paper that I ordered, so I decided to put Christmas aside for a bit and set a different scene.

I wanted to show you this multi colored  LED Light  that I found in the floral department at Walmart.  It has a push button on the bottom to cycle through the setting:    green, blue, purple, pink/blue,  pink/green, blue/green,  pink/green/blue or it can cycle through all the colors.  This is the purple (they call it pink).

I placed it on a finding/stand.

Here its lit green.

The tables are acrylic displays  from Amazon.

The  sofa is a  jewelry display  from Fire Mountain Gem.  They also have it in white .

The vase is a porcelain bead, also from Fire Mountain Gem.

The doily is a piece of venetian lace.

 I made the pillow today.

It took about 3 minutes, if you would like to know how leave a comment and I will try to show how I did it.

I think that the scene could use a few more details,  something on the coffee table and maybe  a large potted plant on the left side but I could not find what I was looking for.

I need to keep trying to get more organized, this is what I have for now.

The artwork and the area rug came from this DCWV Rock Star mat stack that bought from
DCWV Deals .   

These are some of the other sheets that I think will make good area rugs.

I've added a few new links to  M's Lists  that you may find useful for your Christmas Projects

      Tutorials - Christmas  -  Now more than 25 links
      Printies - Christmas   -   Now over 40 links
      Tutorials - Flowers and Plants  -  More than 70 links
                        Including  Poinsettia, Christmas cactus and palm trees (for nativity scenes)
      Tutorials - Food    -    Now over 50 links
                       Some things that you may like apples, oranges, grapes, cakes,
                                                                         cupcakes, cookies and pies.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Monday, December 3, 2012

We Had A Wild Visitor

This morning my husband looked out our back door and saw this owl fly in and land in the tree where we could stare at him for a bit.

I took the first picture from inside through glass and screen, not so clear.
My husband took the others from outside before he got scared away.
I got the treat of seeing him  fly away, swooping through the trees.
We think he is a Barred Owl,  I hope that he stays around and we see more of him.

I hope to be back soon with a few minis, just wanted to share this with you.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm still here

And so thankful that you are also.

I finally got around to making a few little things, but can't show pictures of some yet.
I took part in  Ninni's Christmas Calendar Swap, so I sent off 2 mini gifts that I made to Finland.  
You will have to be patient and wait until close to Christmas to see them.

I did pull out the beads and glue to make a few perfume bottles and a nail polish for Jaynie.  We decided on a color scheme for her loft bedroom, if I ever get around to putting it together.

We chose a denim blue as the main color, with green and yellow.  We also plan to add a few touches of purple so MJ will feel more comfortable when she comes for her visit.

The clear one in the back right is a bit large but I like it.
I think that they came out pretty good, if you don't look to close at the crooked lids. 
Which one do you like best?

I want to send a quick but  very warm welcome to new followers

Ruth of  Miniature Maven Diaries
Lilybets of  nel bosco di lilybets / In The Woods With Lilybets
ta_pazzo      Please let me know if you have a blog, I couldn't  find one.

A couple of updates

MJ had a lovely time with  Rosamargarita  in Mexico and is on her way to the USA.
I hope that she makes it safe and sound to her next destination.  It's too bad that she didn't make it on time to celebrate Thanksgiving  but there is still much of the holiday season ahead.

Thanks to everyone who left a supportive comment to my last posting about my bad purchase.
We finally got a response from  brinca dada  about a week after my rant post, they offered to give us a credit for the purchase price or to send out another 2 sets of blocks.  We decided to give them another chance (I really wanted those blocks) and asked them to send more.
That was over 3 weeks ago and have not recieved the blocks or even a note to say that they had been sent.  My husband has sent many emails without a response.
The only email that I recieved from them was ads for their Black Friday sale.
My husband opened a claim with AmEx to reverse the charges on our card.
We will not lose any money but I don't get to play with blocks :(

The first snow flakes of the season are falling here, forecast is for 1-3 inches.
I hope that you are having a great day.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Friday, October 26, 2012

So disappointed


I've been looking at   teak blocks  at  brinca dada   for quite a while.   I thought that they would make interesting furniture and decorations in miniature.  They are a bit pricy at $59 for 22 blocks and I really wanted 2 sets, so I waited.   Then last week I read a posting from  Mini Modern  that used these same blocks in mini setting.  So I went and looked at them again, Wow they were on sale, $47, still not cheap but I figured that the price was not going to get any better.   Then I almost changed my mind when saw that the S&H charges were $31.46, but I took out my charge card and ordered 2 sets of teak blocks.  This was a big splurge for me but I was really looking forward to getting my hands on these blocks and playing.

Monday, 6 days after ordering I was very excited when my husband brought the box in with the mail, I couldn't wait to get it open.  I opened the box, pulled out on set of blocks that where wrapped in bubble wrap and taped up tight.  I took out my scissors and started cutting away tape, alot of tape.  I finally got the wrapping off, the blocks were still in a plastic bag but  there was a very strong nasty smell.  MOLD!   I took a closer look at the blocks, still in plastic, they are streaked with black and grey.   Mold YUK.

I never opened the bag, never got my hands on the blocks, I didn't unwrap the second set.  I had my husband put the box outside on the porch and I went and washed my hands.   Then I immediatly sent an email telling them that I was disappointed to find mold on my purchase.

I've had no respose.  My husband sent an email, yesterday, asking for the charges on our credit card to be reversed, for a mailing  label so that we can return the blocks and for a response.  We have had no response.   I'm very disappointed in this product and even more disappointed in the lack of customer service.

Thanks for reading my vent and warning,  I would have been much happier sharing pictures of beautiful teak blocks and telling you that even though they were a bit expensive they were worth it.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm A Robot

No Jaynie!!   We don't want people to think that, we wont be able to leave comments.

I think that you need to try again Jaynie, I don't think that's a good idea.

We did a bit of decorating,
not much really,
just mainly pulled everything out
and made a mess.

Jaynie also wanted to show you her new, but slightly damaged loveseat.  It was sold as a jewelry display so we had to do a little bashing.

There are 2 small slits in the seats, that need repairing and we need to add feet.  It is just sitting on a few wooden cups right now.

I also played with some little foam stickers from Dollar Tree.

Jaynie is off working on another costume, I wonder what she will come up with next.

Thank you for visiting,  Mary

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Few Small Purchases

I found a few things at the Dollar Tree that I think will be useable for a Halloween scene,
to meet the   Spooky Challenge   posted by Cyd of   Mini Mod Pod.

These are a bit too big (about 1 - 1 1/4 inch) to look like real leaves but as fall decorations I'm sure that there are lots of uses.

I like the colors, green, red, orange and 2 shades of brown, all in the 3 shapes. 

I found these rings in 2 different mixes.  I found the ones with some in purple and green first, then later at another store I found a bag that has just  black bats, white skulls and orange spiders.

Here's a close-up, they are nicely detailed,  I really like the bat.  The ring on the back make good stands but can also be cut off very easily.

Also from Dollar Tree

Sometimes I find things  that are more useful when used as something other than their intended purpose.

I don't really need the toothbrushes

or a toothbrush holder.

What I do need is more organized tools.

This container works great for many different tools,

I have some of my favorite clay tools in this one.

You can use it with the cover on,
      to keep dust off,
      makes it easy to carry

or use the cover to hold more tools

I allowed Jaynie to put an item in with my order from Amazon.

Look at what she bought.

She is very happy with her purchase.

It is a Fisher Price, Loving Family, Minivan.

It has a working horn, really cute, and a radio button, really annoying.

It also came with a dog and a bag of groceries,
I forgot to get a picture, if you are interest let me know and I will take one.

I'm going to go work on the Halloween scene now.
Jaynie has been digging through draws and boxes looking for things for a halloween costume.

We should have more to show you tomorrow, hopefully.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome New Followers

A Very Warm Welcome To New Followers

Cris of   Tiny/Pequininas minniaturas ,  in her most recent post you can see the cute mini kikitos, “God of Joy” that she made from cold porcelain and also many great pictures that she shared of her trip to The Mini World in Serra Gaucha in Gramado.  In a recent post you will see lots of her lovely mini work, a pretty pink kitchen and purple bedroom in The House of Gabriel.  Read her older posts to see many interesting works in miniature and some wonderful tutorials.

Sarah K of   The Old Dollhouse    is working on a big project, she has made a great start, has made some great purchases, has won a great give-away prize and is making interesting plans for restoring a beautiful old house.   Go by to visit and watch Sarah’s progress.

Teresa of   Creative Me and Life    has a blog full of wonderful pictures, lots of beautiful flowers, great scenery and a couple of very cute dogs.  You can also find some lovely doll houses, I’ve included links to bring you directly to a few of these posts      dollhouses,   dollhouses,  and  more  dollhouses .

Gosia  of     House Under Glass/Domekpodkloszem      has been experimenting with paper and has made a couple pretty little mugs.    If you look through her blog you will see many minis that she has made , including lots of very realistic food .

Conny of   It's A Mini Life ,   in her most recent post she generously shares how to stitch up a super easy gown.   Read her previous post and you will see poor little Samantha is suffering from allergies but still looks very nice in her pretty new robe and slippers.   Keep reading to see many more great minis.

Narina of    Narina Napertaa    has received some great packages of minis lately,  I’m looking forward to seeing how she uses her new items.   She is working on making a house from scratch, if you have not been following along be sure to take a look at her older posts to see the beginning of this project and many lovely minis.

Annette of    New Beginnings   is a new blogger who has had her mini making put on hold by an injury. Please go by for a visit and say hello to show her how friendly we are here in the mini blog world.

Sarah, Teresa,  Gosia and Annette are also taking part in  MJ's World Trip

MJ is enjoying the first leg of her trip with   Anna  in Athens, Greece.  She has been having lots of fun, sailing, having a moon lit picnic and even getting a bit tipsy.  If you go by Anna's blog you can help her choose where MJ will travel to next.

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to send out these welcomes and that I have not posted very much lately.  The humidity is hitting me very hard this summer and it has not let up a whole lot.  We had a couple of days that were drier but the humidity was very high again last night and today.

I hope that I will have some minis to show you soon.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prepairing for Company

Jaynie and I are very excited about being part of  Mini Jazzi's World Tour.  Mini Jazzi is going to begin her trip soon and will be spending the next 2 years visiting 24 mini blog hosts, including us.

She will be visiting Brazil, 2 places in England, 2 places in Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland and 14 places in 12 of  the United States. 

We don't know when to expect her, she may be here soon or may not arrive for close to 2 years from now.

So we will need to be ready for all seasons,

Autumn, the bright colors of fall leaves should not be missed if you are visiting New England.  We may plan a day trip (picnic included) to our favorite area in New Hampshire,  Franconia Notch ,  to see it in all of it's glory. 

Will she be with us for Halloween and a costume party, or here to celerbrate Thanksgiving with us, I hope that she likes turkey.

Winter,  we may need to bundle up but if we have snow:  it's fun to make a snow angel, have a snowball fight and build a snowman.  A new hat, mittens and scarf may be needed.

Will she be here for Christmas, that would be great fun, decorating, parties and gifts.  Or maybe for New Year's Eve,  Party.

Will she be visiting in Febuary so that we can celebrate her birthday and Valentine's Day with her.

Spring, as the weather warms and  flowers start to bloom again  it's a great time for day trips, one of our favorite places is  Roger Williams Zoo, it's in Rhode Island but it's still only about a half hour away.

Will she be here to join in an Easter egg hunt, She will need a new Easter outfit with a bonnet.

Summer, you can't be this close to Cape Cod and not take a trip to see the Sagamore and/or Bourne   bridge and the canal, and maybe stop for some seafood. 

Will she be here for the 4th of July, Cookout and fireworks. 

No matter when she arrives we will wecome her with a party.  Jaynie's friends and family are all looking forward to it, planning makeovers and new clothes, they want to be at their very best when she gets here.

We will plan some trips,  we will visit some place historical, there are many close by.  It will all depend on the weather conditions if we go to an indoor or outdoor site.  If the weather is mild I would like to visit the  Minute Man National Historical Park  in   Concord  and have a picnic at   Walden Pond .

We are looking forward to all the fun we will have with Mini Jazzi whenever she arrives.
I hope that you will enjoy a little virtual tour of a few of our favorite places to visit.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday 13

A warm welcome to new followers

Anne of   Little Things .   In today’s post you can see a wonderful home/castle filled with miniatures that she has collected and made.   Go by and see the lovely quilt that she has made for her cute little bear Caramel. Take some time to look at her older posts to see many great minis including her beautiful baby boy/girl room boxes,  (you can buy them  hereand follow the activities of Caramel and friends.
Look  here   to see the great gifts that she received and sent for the Christmas in July Swap.

Mini Dork of   Modern Mini Houses  (formerly known as Dream Dollhouses )  recently posted pictures of a scene that she created for a Magazine Challenge, go visit to see the details; the interesting scene that she chose to recreate and her amazing results. If you look at her older posts you will find many great minis, wonderful ideas and lots of links to more fun sites.   If I started listing posts that I like I would have a very long list of links, so I’ll just say that you should go have a look for yourself and enjoy.

Elsa,  if you have a blog please let me know so that I can come by for a visit.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Christmas in July Swap

First I want to thank   Jazzi   for organizing this fun swap,  you can find pictures and links on her blog.

Here are the pictures that I promised

Look at all the wonderful gifts from   Cyd ,  they made Jaynie very happy.

2  great chairs
4 pretty pillows
lovely wall art  (I may try to add tiny hands to
      it if I can fit it in Jaynie's kitchen as a clock)
a interesting rock sculpture
a very nice bowl with feet
a great sheet of printed felt, makes a great floor cover or could be cut to use as artwork

Here's a closer look

 And I almost forgot this great light.

Thank you very much Cyd.   I love eveything, Jaynie's Loft will be much more interesting with these lovely gifts.
 And she even wrapped them all with a very generous amount of pretty printed tissue paper.

And here are the little things that I put together for Cyd.

Cyd posted pictures of some furniture that she had painted in her favorite colors,  (see them here) , so I used those colors as a guide for these gifts.

I made her a set of pillar candles and a rug from upholstery fabric

I put together a scrapbook and a package of     scrapbook paper

I sent some porcelain beads, mainly vase shaped and a cat.

Some closer views.

At the last minute I threw in a few more small items,  a few beads, a blue pen,    I didn't take pictures of them.

BTW  Cyd already used the rug and scrapbook in a bedroom scene at  My Mini Mod Pod      

Here are some links to others that participated in the swap


Thank you for visiting, Mary

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who continues to follow even when I'm being a very very poor blogger.

And thanks and a very warm welcome to new followers

Eva  of   Mini Eva and More Things   has a lovely blog.   She has received  some great  rewards  lately   and has won some very nice give away gifts.    Look at her older posts to see some beautifully detailed settings. 

Gleise  of    My Crafts     Visit her blog and watch her steadfast progress putting together a McKinley dollhouse.  Gleise has had some trials in her building but she has not let it stop her and it's coming along nicely.

Cyd  of   My Mini Mod Pod .  She has a very nice blog featuring some terrific modern furniture and great settings with fab style.     Cyd recently was very generous and held 4 great give aways,  I was so very lucky and won one of them.

Cyd was also my partner in  Jazzi's  Christmas in July Swap,  I'll be able show you what I sent her and what I received from her in a couple of days.   I think that I got the better of the swap,  Cyd sent me a very nice package of minis.   I very much enjoyed meeting and talking to Cyd through email over the last few months.

Jaynie and I love the table and framed art that Cyd  sent us from her give-away.  Jaynie would like to use the table as a desk in her bedroom up in the loft  but I don't think that there will be room for much more than a daybed, we'll have to see.  Maybe we'll have to fit a pretty little corner into the garage/workshop, if we ever get to it.

Thank you Cyd, for sharing these lovely gifts.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A New Project, Thank you and Welcome

I've been at a stand still with Jaynie's Loft for some time now.  I have so many ideas but nothing seems to be coming together.  I keep trying to work out a floor plan and not getting anywhere.  So I've decided to put it to the side for a bit, with the hope that I will be able to see things clearer when I come back to it.

I've decided to work on the  Farmstand kit  that I bought recently,  I will need to add to it, to make it a few inches taller, so Jaynie doesn't bump here head.  I was planning to add a stone textured base to raise it up but that would raise the window/counter up too high.   I will have to figure out how to add to the top.

I'm doing some straightening up and organizing while I gather some of the supplies that I will be using, then I hope that this project will go together smoothly.

I'm also planning to add links to any tutorials and printies that I use to  M's Lists  as  Project  - Farmstand and garden.

I want to send a big Thank You  to  Drora  for the wonderful gifts that she sent.

How luck am I to have such a generous and talented  friend .

Look at all the lovely little things that she has shared.

The flower and the water cooler will work great with the farmstand, all of the rest will go into Jaynie's Loft. (If I can ever figure it out)

BTW  all the gifts are sitting on a  vinyl  floor tile, I'm thinking that it may make a good base for the farmstand.   What do you think?

 Here is a close up of the upper floor of the dollhouse,  I just keep looking at all the amazing details.  I love the little mirror over the dressing table.

And here's the lower floor, doesn't the sofa look very comfy with the tiny pillows.

Jaynie also sends a big thank you and a great big hug.

I want to send a late but warm welcome to 4 new followers who all have wonderful blogs.

Rosario  of  Tinkerbell and Casitas  who recently posted pictures of cute little Ada, a fairy baby that she made.   Jaynie went by for a visit, now she wants me to make her a  blender  and a few  baskets  like the ones that Rosario made so nicely. 

Fabiola of   The Magical World of Fabiola  who just won the 'you inspire me blog'  award.  She  has listed 5 of her habits, so it's a good time to visit and get to know her a bit.   She is working on a pretty little shop which she is filling with beautifully detailed items.  Fabiola is also offering her followers a chance to win some lovely baby items with her  300 followers giveaway , ends May 17.

Lucy of   Evalina Rose   makes amazingly tiny knit items with so much detail.  She recently showed her handsom little bear,  I'm looking forward to reading more of the story of Humble and his friend Pie.   Lucy has also been working on making some darling mini babies and other lovely items in clay.

Heather  of  The Majokko Shop  has cute and creative blog featuring her sweet little friends.   Anna has been very busy lately, she shared how she made a very nice little paper house, she also enjoys Treasure Hunting AKA Geocaching  with Heather, they have had some fun adventures and found some nice little treasures.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some great printies

I've been working at putting together my printies list to add to my lists blog (M's lists).  I've found lots of great sites and so many great printies.

I know that most of you already know about some of the sites like   Jim's print mini  and  Dollhouse miniatures printables.

But I don't know if you have seen  Hitty print minis  so I thought that I would share it with you.  Hitty dolls are a little bit bigger than 1/12 scale so the printies made for them are a bit big but can be resized.

I know that I found this site quite a while ago but I didn't really notice it. 

I'm not going to try to list everything that I liked, there is just too much.  I'll just share a bit of my favorites.   

There are many books,  just a few of my favorite books are:      You too can have a well trained pet,  All about birds,  Square foot gardening,  Organic gardening and  Harvesting herbs.  You can find them  here  .  Jaynie wants the gardening ones so she can learn to grow veggies for her farm stand.  I've alread copied and resized some but I need to get more ink before I can print them.

I really like the kitchen printies  which includes  cookbooks, can labels, pet food, laundry detergent, mail,  some gardening items  and more

There are 10 pages of Holiday items, I like the candy cane box, gingerbread kit and ornament boxes in  Christmas 2007  .

There are 6 pages of paper dolls and another one on the birthday page.

I hope that you enjoy looking through these printies as much as I have.    Let me know what you favorites are.   I'll show you my books, and thing after I get them done.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Fling Kits and Welcome

My  Sping Fling kits   from Greenleaf arrived last week,  I thought that you might like to see some pictures.

Here are the three different doors, they were $4.45 each.  Each door is a front and back piece,  the screen door includes a generous piece of screening, the other 2 come with a piece of clear plastic for the window.

I really like these.  What do you think?

 I decided to buy the greenhouse kit and add to it to raise it up a few inches.  The kit comes with screening (again a very generous strip) and clear plastic.  A single kit can be used attached to a house as a room  or 2 kits can be put together for a stand alone building.  I'm not sure how I want to use it so I bought more than 1.

 Thank you Casey for your comment and advice,  I'm glad that I bought them.

These are the outside side pieces and one door piece . 

 Each section is made from an inside and an outsise piece that you sandwich the screen or plastic between.

These are the front pieces with the door opening.

I also bought the farm stand kit, I only bought 1 of these.  I will need to add to it so that Jaynie doesn't bump her head.

These are couple of the detailed pieces.

I also bought the main building,  I'm thinking that it will make a good garage for Jaynie's Loft.   Jaynie thinks that it would make a good office/ workshop/ crafts room.  She also would like a full greenhouse and large garden to go with the farm stand.

I want to send a warm welcomes and thank you for joining my blog.

Malu of   Malu's Minis   has built a wonderful tiny mouse house.  She also joined in my guessing game and won,  a package of mini  making supplies.   Go visit her lovely blog and you will see that she has been on a winning streak and has posted about many great prizes that she has won recently.

Melymel of   Melymel Small Dream  has a beautiful blog where she gave all of followers a chance to win a wonderful prize.   Look through here blog to see many lovely, creative minis.

Spring has arrived on Patrizia’s blog   The Magic of Patty  with some beautiful mini wild flowers.  Patty has been busy making some lovely Raku pottery and decorating a dollhouse.  Take a look at the spiral staircase and the bathroom tile in her Peony Villa, Jaynie really likes them.

Ana Camara, Please let me know if you have a blog, I can’t find one.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Big Day

A drawing, a prize for me, my blog anniversary and a new blog.

First:   My cat's name is   SPOT 

I decided that no one guessed his name correctly so I will do a drawing.
I gave everyone a number by order of first participation.

1) Lataina
2) Audra
3) Ana
4) Cote
5) Ascension
6) Drora
7) Maria
8) Malu
9) Jazzi
10) Rosamargarita

I had my husband shuffle and cut a deck of cards, he didn't know why.

The winner is Malu.

Malu, I will email you,  welcome to my blog and thank you for playing.

I think that Rosamargarita was the closed to his name, with her guess of freckles, so I've decided to send her a second prize.

Rosamargarita please email me your address.

BTW  -  Spot was Data's cat on the 'Star Trek, Next Generation'  TV Series and was also in the the movie 'Star Trek, Generations', which came out in Nov of 1994.   We decided to take our Spot in just before we left to see the movie, we stopped and bought a cat collar on our way home.   As you saw by his nose he has freckles or spots, he also has them on his ears and the bottoms of  his paws.  He also loves to slide into our seat or our spot as soon as we get up and sometimes before we really get up. I think that it is a good name for him.

Second:  I received Jazzi's darling give-away prize.  Jaynie and I love these beautiful pillows/cushions.  These will be great in Jaynie's Loft.  I'm just not sure if Jaynie is going to have a bedroom yet or just an office/craftsroom with a daybed.

Third:  I started blogging one year ago today.   I'm so glad that I did, it has been a great experience.  I feel very lucky  that I have found so many friends.

Fourth:  I started a new blog  M's Lists   to try to  get a bit more organize.  I started by organizing a fairly long list of mini tutorials,   I will continue to add more.   I hope that you will take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks again to everyone that participated in my game.

I hope that you had a great weekend and have a great day.

Thank you for visiting, Mary