Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome And Happy Holidays

Welcome Vera.

Vera of   A minha casa de praia!  has a new blog, go by and visit her to see her lovely kitchen.  Vera has put many beautiful details into her little scene.


I thought that you might like to see some Christmas lights that we saw a few years ago at
La Salette Shrine  , in Attleboro, MA.

                     Merry Christmas         Happy Hanukkah           Feliz Navidad  

                             Season’s Greetings                Happy Holidays

                                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR

Thank you for visiting,  Mary

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sharing Christmas

I love Christmas decorations, I love all the colors, the textures, the sparkle, the lights and the scents.

I love santas, sleighs, reindeer and elves.  I love snowflakes, icicles and snowmen.  I love pine trees, wreaths, acorn and flowers.  I love holly, poinsettias and mistletoe.  I love angels, stockings, stars and presents.   I love bows, ribbon, beads and lace.  I love miniature houses, nativity scenes and gingerbread houses.  I love birds, deer, bear and other animals.  I love garland, tinsel and  candy canes.  Did I miss anything?       

Did I say 'I love Christmas decorations'.    

Jaynie loves Christmas decorations too and she has been having fun.

I was going to take a couple more close up pictures but my camera died.  I guess I need to find a new one.  I hope that I can find another    one that I like as much.

And I love looking at all the decorations (both real and mini) that have been shared in blogland. 

I recently found a lovely blog that showcases many beautiful  nativity  scenes.  Then I found that Carrie has two more blogs, one that celebrates  Christmas  and one where she shares her  collections, thrift decor and inspirational thoughts .    I love Carrie's blogs, I could spend many hours looking at all of her collections.  If you like these things too go by to visit Carrie.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Post Office Was Fast

Kathi    and  Maria   both received their gifts that I mailed out just last Friday.   Now I can show you some pictures.

For Maria in Ireland I made a Christmas storage tote and ornaments.
Heres a closer look at the ornaments.

I also sent some beads that could be used for ornaments.

I finished the edges on this piece of woven fabric.  It could be used as a table cloth or a baby's blanket.  I really like the colors.

And some findings.  (sorry  for the blurry picture)
I also sent a piece of fabric that I like for rugs, some small zip top bags, a roll of Christmas tape (I used this to decorate the tote).   And a salt shaker that I thought made a good trash can, then I noticed that the top also  made a nice large bowl.   
I also gathered a few beads, a bit of greenery,  a small piece of my favorite fabric and some other bits and pieces.

I also sent  an undecorated pine wreath and 2 small silver frames that I did not get pictures of.    You can see  pictures on   Maria's blog .

I also made Kathi a Christmas storage tote,  I made some of Kathi's ornaments in her favorite colors.

Some beads, some beachy ones and a few others.  These could be used to make more ornaments or something else.  I'm sure Kathi will find some very creative ways to use them. 

The sparkly beads look very orangy on my computer, they are actually silver.

Some little bits and pieces.

And a few more things in Kathi's favorite color.  I couldn't resist the color of this tape.  I look forward to seeing how Kathi will use it, big or small.

I bought a roll for myself also,  I'll show you how I use it after I figure it out.  I saw a video on YouTube on making a wallet with duct tape, I may give it a try.

And some glass beads in Kathi colors.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing all my little things. 

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree

I bought Jaynie a live Christmas tree, she was very happy.  It smells nice and piney, very Christmassy.  The branches are not very strong, the ornaments that I had that are made from beads dragged them down.  So we got out the paper and the punches and made some new light weight ornaments.

The ornaments that I made are pretty simple, but I like them. First I punched some shapes out of printed card stock for the front,  I think that the green and red stripes worked well.  I did not want to  fuss with glue so I punched back pieces from some velvet material that has a sticky back .  I cut some crochet thread into pieces just a bit over 1" long.  Then I just folded the thread in half, stuck the ends to the sticky side of the backing and placed the front on top.

I chose easy shapes so that I did not have to punch the front and back in opposite directions.

I need to find something better for garland and we need some gifts for under the tree, and maybe a topper, but it's a start.   If I can keep the tree alive I'll plant it outside in the spring.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome New Followers

A big mini hug  to

Amy of   Crafter's Delights   makes lovely crochet items, she recently made a cute little teddy bear.  She is trying to work her way down to doll house scale, go by and wish her good luck.  I think she will do it.      Also sign up for her very generous give-away.

Ascension  of  Mis Miniaturas   makes beautiful tiny teapots, candle holders and other cute items.  Go by and see her lovely Christmas scene.

I just got two packages that I've been working on out into the mail.  I'll show you pictures after they are received.   It took me a lot longer than it should have, I've been running very slow lately.    I didn't get as much made as I wanted to but I did make a little something and gathered some bits and pieces. 

I'm still working at shuffling things around trying to get into a more organized state, it's going very slowly but I will keep working at it.

Jaynie and I are working on a small Christmas project and I'm making some Christmas presents.   I should have pictures to show you in the next few days, hopefully.

Thank you for visiting, Mary