Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fabric Rugs

Do you use upholstery fabric as rugs?   I have four now that I think make pretty good rugs.

I’ve had the brown striped and the green plaid-ish ones for quite a while.  I bought the other two from the clearance rack at Joann fabrics a few weeks ago.  The blue one is the thickest, like a plush carpet and the one with the square pattern is the thinnest.   What do you think,  do they make good rugs?

I'm still running a little slow,  I hope to get more made to show you soon. 

I've finished the  PIF Swap gifts  for  Drora  and  Rachel,  I just have to finish packing them up and they should be off in the mail tomorrow.   I'll show you pictures after they recieve them.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary

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  1. Yes, they do look suitable for rugs. One, the second from the top, could be good for upholstry, even a man's hat maybe. Hugs, Drora