Monday, July 8, 2013

Sea, Stars and Butterflies for Jane

Jane of  Mini Fanaticus   received the swap gifts that I sent, so here are the pictures that I promised.


I told Jane that I was working on plans for a rock display box.
Jane's daughter is interested in rocks and they are starting a collection in real life size.

So after a little planning and a few failed attempts, while Jane waited very patiently, I finally got this put together.

Jaynie helped hold it up so you can see the rocks,  I stuck the rocks and labels with a tiny bit of museum wax.

I forgot to tell Jane that she can move them around if she wants.

I sent a few more little rock samples.

I also made a few items that I thought any rock collector needs, a journal to keep notes about your finds, a pen to write the notes and a book to help identify them.  I added a few pages of pictures in the center.
Jane requested supplies, so I gathered some plastic beads.

This is where the title came from,

Do these look like summer to you?

While I waited for glue to dry I kept gathering.

While I waited for glue to dry on the display and books I kept gathering,

more plastic beads,

Some findings.

 Some stones that I think would work as bread/cheese boards or maybe even a top for a small table.

 A few more odds and ends,


And a couple of small real life size stones.

You can see more pictures on   Jane's blog ,  I can't wait to see what she does with these,
I'm sure it will some thing fun.

Sorry things are a bit sloppily arranged, I couldn't make them go where I wanted.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I don't have any minis to show you right now.
I just finished packaging up swap gifts for  Jane 
, they should be in the mail in the morning.
I'll have pictures to show you after Jane sees what I made her.

So I thought that I would show you a few zentangles that I recently finished.

I bought a few new pens and a book on shading,

Made in the Shade .

I've been practicing shading.

And I even found a few pens that I like from the Dollar Tree, I drew this with one of them.

It is not the smoothest pen that I've tried but not bad for 2/$1.

They don't look too bad, if you don't look too close.  If you look close (please don't) you can see every slip.

There are many blogs about zentangles, many of them are amazing.

Many of my drawings began from an idea from bits of zentagles that I've seen. 

I tend to start many drawings but I have trouble deciding how to finish them.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my drawings.

Thank you for visiting, Mary