Friday, August 4, 2017

Pinterest Mess Up

I'm frustrated with Pinterest today.  They have made more changes that don't make any sense and have changed my creatively ordered boards into Chaos.

If you have been by to visit My Pinterest  in the past you would have seen many boards grouped together by subjects in a manner that I find pleasing and usable.  I also hope that you found it interesting.

Now all you will find is a Disordered  Jumbled Mess.

It seems that Pinterest has decided that we want Our boards organized (or in my opinion disorganized) by the boards that where most recently pinned to.

I tried to move my boards into order again but they keep returning to this jumbled format.  I'm not happy with this change.  I don't know who would like this better.   It not only makes Pinterest look bad but it makes it difficult to find a board that I want to look at.   I don't want to have to blindly search through all my boards, I want to be able to find it where I put it.

I'm interested in your view, comments are welcomed

Thank You for visiting,  Mary