Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm Melting

It is so very hot and steamy today,  it's 101 degrees and feels like 110.   I'm moving as little as possible and drinking lots and lots of iced water.     I even gave the cat iced water.   He keeps yowling at me,  I know he is saying "please turn the heat down".    Tomorrow is forecasted to be a bit cooler but not much.   Sunday is supposed to be better at 85 and much drier, right now that sounds so cool.

I hope that you are staying cool.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary


  1. We are thankfully having the 85 and much drier weather here in northern Minnesota. It's still hot- but with less humidity it feels so much more bearable. I hope yours breaks soon too- stay cool as you can too :)

  2. Mary, you are not alone. Here too, we are melting. I could bear the heat but not the humidity. So thank God for the aircondition which is on almost all day long. Lets hope for cooler days soon.

  3. Kim and Drora,

    Today was still hot but a little cooler and a bit less humid feels so much better. Thanks for the nice comments.