Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm still here

And so thankful that you are also.

I finally got around to making a few little things, but can't show pictures of some yet.
I took part in  Ninni's Christmas Calendar Swap, so I sent off 2 mini gifts that I made to Finland.  
You will have to be patient and wait until close to Christmas to see them.

I did pull out the beads and glue to make a few perfume bottles and a nail polish for Jaynie.  We decided on a color scheme for her loft bedroom, if I ever get around to putting it together.

We chose a denim blue as the main color, with green and yellow.  We also plan to add a few touches of purple so MJ will feel more comfortable when she comes for her visit.

The clear one in the back right is a bit large but I like it.
I think that they came out pretty good, if you don't look to close at the crooked lids. 
Which one do you like best?

I want to send a quick but  very warm welcome to new followers

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Lilybets of  nel bosco di lilybets / In The Woods With Lilybets
ta_pazzo      Please let me know if you have a blog, I couldn't  find one.

A couple of updates

MJ had a lovely time with  Rosamargarita  in Mexico and is on her way to the USA.
I hope that she makes it safe and sound to her next destination.  It's too bad that she didn't make it on time to celebrate Thanksgiving  but there is still much of the holiday season ahead.

Thanks to everyone who left a supportive comment to my last posting about my bad purchase.
We finally got a response from  brinca dada  about a week after my rant post, they offered to give us a credit for the purchase price or to send out another 2 sets of blocks.  We decided to give them another chance (I really wanted those blocks) and asked them to send more.
That was over 3 weeks ago and have not recieved the blocks or even a note to say that they had been sent.  My husband has sent many emails without a response.
The only email that I recieved from them was ads for their Black Friday sale.
My husband opened a claim with AmEx to reverse the charges on our card.
We will not lose any money but I don't get to play with blocks :(

The first snow flakes of the season are falling here, forecast is for 1-3 inches.
I hope that you are having a great day.

Thank you for visiting, Mary