Friday, September 30, 2011

Do You Like A Challenge

If so you will want to check out Emily Henderson's blog

I'm really not up for a challenge with a time limit myself right now  but I really enjoy watching others take it on. 

Wow, there has been some interesting progress here  and  here .

Cindy of   snowfern-clover   has joined in the challenge and has started making a room box.  I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome New Followers

Iris  of  It's always sunny in miniland  has a very nice blog displaying the very creative minis she has been making.   She is very new to blog land and has made a great start.

Maria  of   Lascosas de Maria Ayamontino   recently posted some beautiful beach pictures.  Look at her older posts to see many great minis.

Welcome  Iris and Maria, I'm glad that you like my blog.

Thank you for visiting, Mary             

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Follower and Plants

Audra   does have a blog, Honey, I Shrunk the House.  Go visit and see her progress in putting together a very nice house, a Real Good Toys Glenwood.  I really like the paint color that she chose for the outside. 

I bought more plant making supplies,  I couldn't resist the 90% off price.  They were between  29 cents and $1.

Oops, I cut Jaynie's  head off, she was tip toeing through the greenery.

All of the red bits are pieces from the bunches in the last picture.

I bought this square for the backing more than all the plastic greenery.  I think it will make a nice trellis.

For 49 cents a trellis and 50 little bunches of heart shaped leaves.

Can you see Jaynie's new earrings?  I got her head in this one.

 Here are some of the plants that I started putting together, with help from Jaynie.

 Some of the pieces that I bought looked like a spider plant so I dug out a plant hanger that I made about a year ago and tucked them into it.   I think the hanger and the pot are a bit small.  I think I'll make another a little bigger and with some wooden beads.

The pom-pom tree needs some leaves, I need to find the right paper, I'm not sure where it is right now.  Some things seem to have gotten misplaced while I'm trying to organize.

The little one on the right is half of one of the little bunches from the square,  I think that it makes a decent jade plant.    The other little one is a Christmas cactus.

The last one was made from the leaves from the bunches that I bought a couple of weeks ago and the little red blossom from a new bunch. 


Thank you for visiting, Mary

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome New Followers

I would like to extend a warm welcome to

Doreen of  and .    Doreen's blog is the first that I started reading, I found a posting of Julie and David decorating the outside of the house while I was searching for Christmas decorations.  That was more than a year and a half ago, since I have found many more blogs that I enjoy but Doreen's is still one of my favorites.

If you have not found Doreen's blogs yet you should go visit.  Make sure that you read the older postings to see all the adventures of Julie, David and their family.   Doreen made a lot of the things that went into her  house and she shows how she did some of it with some nice tutorials. 


Audra Pangle,  I could not find a blog.   Audra if you have a blog let me know so can come visit.

I bought more plant making materials and started putting together some plants.  I don't have any pictures to share yet.  My husband 'borrowed' the batteries from the camera last week when the power was out and did not recharge them.  I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

  Thank you for visiting, Mary