Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've Been a Bad Blogger

I’m sorry that I have not posted for a while, time seemed to  just fly by.  I have not felt at my best the last few weeks and did not get much of anything done.  I’m a bit behind on all of my household cleaning chores, I really need to get quite a bit of laundry done.  I’m feeling better now, so I’m trying to get everything caught up.

I’m working on finishing and getting out PIF swap gifts for Rachel and Drora.  Thank you for being so patient,  I’m sorry that it is taking me so long,  I hope that you will think that your gifts are worth the wait when you get them.   I'll show you pictures after they have been recieved,  I want Drora and Rachel to be the first to see them.

I'm also trying to get all my miniature supplies organized.   I have bits and pieces all over the place right now and I do most projects at the kitchen table.  I'm tring to get some things moved around to find some space to use as work and storage space.   Wish me luck, it is not an easy task.   Hopefully if I can get this done I'll be able to complete more projects and work on more of the ideas that I have.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary

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