Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome New Followers

A Very Warm Welcome To New Followers

Cris of   Tiny/Pequininas minniaturas ,  in her most recent post you can see the cute mini kikitos, “God of Joy” that she made from cold porcelain and also many great pictures that she shared of her trip to The Mini World in Serra Gaucha in Gramado.  In a recent post you will see lots of her lovely mini work, a pretty pink kitchen and purple bedroom in The House of Gabriel.  Read her older posts to see many interesting works in miniature and some wonderful tutorials.

Sarah K of   The Old Dollhouse    is working on a big project, she has made a great start, has made some great purchases, has won a great give-away prize and is making interesting plans for restoring a beautiful old house.   Go by to visit and watch Sarah’s progress.

Teresa of   Creative Me and Life    has a blog full of wonderful pictures, lots of beautiful flowers, great scenery and a couple of very cute dogs.  You can also find some lovely doll houses, I’ve included links to bring you directly to a few of these posts      dollhouses,   dollhouses,  and  more  dollhouses .

Gosia  of     House Under Glass/Domekpodkloszem      has been experimenting with paper and has made a couple pretty little mugs.    If you look through her blog you will see many minis that she has made , including lots of very realistic food .

Conny of   It's A Mini Life ,   in her most recent post she generously shares how to stitch up a super easy gown.   Read her previous post and you will see poor little Samantha is suffering from allergies but still looks very nice in her pretty new robe and slippers.   Keep reading to see many more great minis.

Narina of    Narina Napertaa    has received some great packages of minis lately,  I’m looking forward to seeing how she uses her new items.   She is working on making a house from scratch, if you have not been following along be sure to take a look at her older posts to see the beginning of this project and many lovely minis.

Annette of    New Beginnings   is a new blogger who has had her mini making put on hold by an injury. Please go by for a visit and say hello to show her how friendly we are here in the mini blog world.

Sarah, Teresa,  Gosia and Annette are also taking part in  MJ's World Trip

MJ is enjoying the first leg of her trip with   Anna  in Athens, Greece.  She has been having lots of fun, sailing, having a moon lit picnic and even getting a bit tipsy.  If you go by Anna's blog you can help her choose where MJ will travel to next.

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to send out these welcomes and that I have not posted very much lately.  The humidity is hitting me very hard this summer and it has not let up a whole lot.  We had a couple of days that were drier but the humidity was very high again last night and today.

I hope that I will have some minis to show you soon.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prepairing for Company

Jaynie and I are very excited about being part of  Mini Jazzi's World Tour.  Mini Jazzi is going to begin her trip soon and will be spending the next 2 years visiting 24 mini blog hosts, including us.

She will be visiting Brazil, 2 places in England, 2 places in Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland and 14 places in 12 of  the United States. 

We don't know when to expect her, she may be here soon or may not arrive for close to 2 years from now.

So we will need to be ready for all seasons,

Autumn, the bright colors of fall leaves should not be missed if you are visiting New England.  We may plan a day trip (picnic included) to our favorite area in New Hampshire,  Franconia Notch ,  to see it in all of it's glory. 

Will she be with us for Halloween and a costume party, or here to celerbrate Thanksgiving with us, I hope that she likes turkey.

Winter,  we may need to bundle up but if we have snow:  it's fun to make a snow angel, have a snowball fight and build a snowman.  A new hat, mittens and scarf may be needed.

Will she be here for Christmas, that would be great fun, decorating, parties and gifts.  Or maybe for New Year's Eve,  Party.

Will she be visiting in Febuary so that we can celebrate her birthday and Valentine's Day with her.

Spring, as the weather warms and  flowers start to bloom again  it's a great time for day trips, one of our favorite places is  Roger Williams Zoo, it's in Rhode Island but it's still only about a half hour away.

Will she be here to join in an Easter egg hunt, She will need a new Easter outfit with a bonnet.

Summer, you can't be this close to Cape Cod and not take a trip to see the Sagamore and/or Bourne   bridge and the canal, and maybe stop for some seafood. 

Will she be here for the 4th of July, Cookout and fireworks. 

No matter when she arrives we will wecome her with a party.  Jaynie's friends and family are all looking forward to it, planning makeovers and new clothes, they want to be at their very best when she gets here.

We will plan some trips,  we will visit some place historical, there are many close by.  It will all depend on the weather conditions if we go to an indoor or outdoor site.  If the weather is mild I would like to visit the  Minute Man National Historical Park  in   Concord  and have a picnic at   Walden Pond .

We are looking forward to all the fun we will have with Mini Jazzi whenever she arrives.
I hope that you will enjoy a little virtual tour of a few of our favorite places to visit.

Thank you for visiting, Mary