Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Cactus

I think that my Christmas cactus
would rather be an Easter cactus

It showed off today with 2 beautiful

I love the peachy color of the petals
and the deep pink of the stamen.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I've been playing with clay,

yesterday I watched a video on
Creating Dollhouse Miniatures blog  ,
showing how to make daffodils  with
cold porcelain.

I think that the techniques adapted well to polymer clay.

The basket, eggs and orange vase were
also made from polymer clay.

My daffodils are a bit oversized and not
super life-like.  I will call them decorative daffodils.

The cutter that I used for the petals
was meant for use with gum paste/fondant
for cake decorating.

I really enjoyed making the daffodils but I disliked
making the leaves and could not get them quite right.

I'm going to try making leaves with floral tape,
I need to buy some in light green, I only have dark green now.

The vase is a ceramic bead.

I had difficult time getting a nice ruffle
on the trumpets, this one is the best but
I  could not seem to repeat it.

The cute little bunny was a gift from
Maria of  Pretty Things Ireland blog . 

I think he enjoyed being part of the

I hope that your Easter is warm and sunny and that you have a wonderful day.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Surprise in the Mail

I’ve vented my complaints about poor customer service with you in the past, so I thought it only fair that I also share an example of excellent service.

My husband has been dealing with our insurance company,  Met Life ,   after his car got damaged.
Tonight he came in with the mail and was wondering what was in the package from Met, opened it to find a card with my name on it,

    And this

Cute little Snoopy stuffy, to brighten my day.

Last week while he was on the phone talking to an agent, my husband had mentioned that I was not feeling well.
The card was wishing me a speedy recovery.

Look at his sun glasses and his letterman's jacket,
He is so cool!!


I'm feeling much better.

Thank you so much, Crystal

for great customer service

and this cute gift.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Jaynie put on some bits of green to celebrate the day, little sequins earrings, a shamrock necklace, an elastic bracelet and a green carnation.

I've been playing with the basic Paint program on my computer, cutting, pasting and resizing scrapbook paper images to make book covers.

This is the easiest one that I put together.  Just resized a striped paper into a thin strip for the spine, pasted it onto a rectangle, picked a color from the strip and filled it in.

It's fairly simple but I think that it makes a nice looking book.

Here are some of the books that I finished for Jaynie. 

I have a lot more cutting, folding and pasting to do.

This is Jaynie's favorite, a journal

(ignore my fingers, it was hard to get at the right angle to photograph)

with pages that she can write on.

I cut the pages from the bound edge of a pad.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

Friday, March 8, 2013

Covered with snow Again

I stepped out on my front porch to take a few pictures of the trees coated in snow.

I took one picture and got a low battery signal.

Came back out about an hour later, it looks like the wind has blown some of the snow off the trees out front. 

The trees out back are still heavily covered.

If you look closely you can see a few of the branches that came down in the blizzard last month.

I'm staying inside in the warm now.

Cross your fingers for me that we keep our power on and stay warm.

About 8,000 homes in my state are without power and  there has been a lot of damage and flooding near  the shore.

I hope that you are all warm, safe and well.

We know that we live in New England, we had no snow on the ground the day before yesterday.  Now we have about 12-14 inches and it is still lightly snowing.  We have forecasts for some spring like weather with tempertures in the 60's for next week. 

I hope to have some minis to show very soon, thanks for being so patient with me.

Thank you for visiting, Mary