Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mary had a little lamb

I gave him away.

Now Jaynie has a little lamb,

it's fleece is not as white as snow,

it's natural/off white.

I bought some needle felting supplies a while back,  I tried to follow the directions from a book but I didn't get good results.

Then I followed the directions from for this little lamb and I finally got results that we liked.

The difference is that you build a frame from pipe cleaners/chenille stems first, I found it so much easier to get the shape and proportions right.

I still need to add face details but I wanted to show him to you first, just in case.

I'm also working on a black cat,

tutorial at

The directions were a bit different,
you  make the frame for the body,

And you make the head separate.

Again, I still need to add face details,

I'm searching my supplies for the right green or yellow beads for his eyes.

After the face is done, the head can be felted to the body.

I think the next time I'll try to make a frame for the head attached to the body first.

If I can get the faces done and finish these I think that I will really enjoy this craft. 
It uses very little material and doesn't take too much time and my favorite part, NO GLUE.

I hope that I will have more to show you soon.
The heat and humidity this summer really tapped my energy and slowed me down,
to even slower than my usual slow pace.

With the weather cooling I'm working to catch up on every thing that fell so far behind and also find time for minis and blogging.

Thank you for visiting, Mary