Friday, June 17, 2011

Sorting Again

I told you before that I like to buy mixes of things and sort them. I bought the  Boss' Bead Bag  at  Fire Mountain Gems and Beads .     It’s a 1 pound bag of beads and things, I love them, you get something different every time. I figured I would show you what I got today.

This is how I sort in a plastic deviled egg tray from the dollar store.

Here are the larger pieces, some wood, a few plastic, some stone and one glass.  There were not any really big beads in this mix and not that many large ones.

Some more wood beads, some pretty small.

 Some small wooden shapes.

Glass beads, I see lots of jars and vases.

More glass

And some small glass beads.

A few stones and glass  beads that I found interesting.

Here are the larger metal pieces.

And more metal, I see frames, small bowls and purse parts.  The details in the piece to the left of the dime doesn't show well in the picture, it is very detailed and an interesting shape.  What does it look like to you?  I see maybe a small witches hat (it was too small on Jaynie) or maybe a fairy's dress.

Some metal and metallic balls,  different sizes and colors.

And lots of small  metal findings.

There were also a few plastic beads and some stone nuggets.  I think this was a very nice mix.

I hope you like seeing all the bits and pieces, I enjoy seeing all the little things others have found.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary 


  1. what a great mixture! I have a little finding like the one you are talking about- I was thinking about turning mine into a wall sconce.

  2. Kim,

    Thanks for commenting. A sconce is a good idea for that piece. I hope that you find time to do it first so I can copy, lol.