Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Have a Confession

I’m a sorter, my husband says that it’s a real problem.  I love buying mixed packages of all kinds of things, but I can’t just leave them all mixed together. A while ago Casey of  
showed a bag of tiny polished pebbles that she bought at Walmart. So my next visit I looked for them, found them, bought them, brought them home and sorted them.
There were lots of greens, browns, yellows and whites, and a few in bright colors. I found that there were some nice little round stones, this is what I did with them.

Have you lost your marbles lately?

There are also some tiny little egg shapes that I will put aside. You never know, I may make a teeny tiny Easter basket or something some day.

I started working on one of the Michael's hutches, not much to show yet, but will be soon.

Thanks for visiting, Mary

BTW   I can't figure out why the text is different sizes,  spaces got added and taken
         away and   things  got  all  jumbled up.  I fixed things the best I know how.



  1. This looks so nice with the light shining through the colored glass. Good idea.

  2. Drora, I'm glad you like it, it took some time to pick out the nicely round stones.

  3. I also love to sort and arrange things. I bought a couple pounds of assorted buttons on Ebay and had fun sorting them into various categories and colors!