Thursday, May 26, 2011

Never As Simple As It Seemed

First I finally finished Jaynie’s chair. First I stained the feet and didn’t like how they looked. Then I painted them, glued them on and they just were not right. So I searched through my wooden beads found some that got glued to the chair. Now Jaynie’s happy.

Second, I started working on a hutch. First I took it apart a bit, I took the draw front off. While I was doing that the top section came apart from the bottom so I figured that it would probably be easier to handle that way.

 I sanded it a bit to round and soften some of the edges. I started painting with a light wash of a cream color (Apple Barrel -Vanilla). I wanted the wood grain to still show through a little. I put on a few layers, some parts took more than others to make them look even. Then I painted the top,  bottom and the draw front a sage green.

I like the colors so far, it still needs some touch ups. (Don’t look too close.) I still need to paint the counter shelf, I’m thinking a darker green, I may try marbling it (using Casey’s chest top as inspiration). I’m also going to try to build a working draw and I think that I may also add feet. What do you think so far?

Thanks for visiting, Mary

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  1. El sillón es perfecto.
    Also your followers "disapeard"?
    A hug