Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gifts, Chairs and a Hutch, Oh My

I received my first mini gifts.

Thank you much  Drora  .   They are so cute and well made. I feel very special to have these minis all the way from Israel.

Jaynie really likes the bag,
she says it is just perfect and
 sends her thanks also.

 Casey    has been making ¼” scale couches and chairs.  It reminded me of an idea that I drawn out a while ago.  The general idea came from a printie of  a chair that was part of Santa’s house. (I don’t remember from where)

I redrew the pattern in 1/2" scale on 1/4" graph paper.

 Then I changed it to make it from a single piece

Then I shrunk it to 50%

    I cut it from a green index card,  folded and  glued.  
This is what I got, one with and one without the wings.

They are not very well done but just give an idea of how they come out.

I'm still woking on the hutch,  I found paper for the backing, it is not what I was looking for but once I saw it I liked it.    Now I’m thinking of trying a reddish brown like the one in the paper for the counter top shelf,

 I welcome comments, please let me know what you think.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary


  1. what sweet gifts! I love the hutch- is that 1/12th scale or is that 1/4th scale too? It's so pretty with the paper in the back. After I finish all of my projects in progress I think I might have to try out 1/4th scale- I'm running out or room :) Have a super week Mary!!

  2. Los regalos de Drora son fantásticos Mary! y tus pequeños sillones y la alacena tambien!
    Un abrazo

  3. Hi Kim,

    Yes, the hutch is 1/12 scale, it's a semi-bashed Michael's hutch that is taking me forever to finish. The chairs are the first that I've tried in the smaller scale. Thanks.

  4. The chairs look great, the hutch too. Thank you for sharing.