Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I thought that I would share a few things that I have found interesting lately.   I hope that you find them interesting also.

First are Pill Pockets    These have made our lives so much easier.   Our cat has been very difficult to get medicine into.  We had tried everything, liquid, pills, mixing with food, hiding in soft treats and nothing worked.

The last time we were at the vets they gave us these pill pockets, they are very soft, tube shaped treats that you put pills or capsules into. Our cat loves them, he just gobbles them up. They are very easy to use, they feel like very soft clay.

Second is  ,  it’s a free site that allows you to create and print your own graph papers. You can make lots of custom graphs. I like to make and use some with 8 and some with 12 squares per inch.   I’ve also used the hexagonal and polar to help plan and draw out ideas and projects.

Third is a posting on a craft forum of polymer clay creations,  miniature designer handbags at    I just think these are so cute and so well done, I thought that you might like seeing them also.

Thanks for visiting, Mary

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