Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Playing

This is what I played with last night, after coming home from Michael’s .
                                         New Paper Punches

I had a 40% off coupon, so I went to buy a 1” scalloped circle punch (ek success) that I’ve been wanting to make paper doilies.   I found that it was already on sale at 40% off. Yay.

I could use the coupon on something else.  I chose the Martha Stewart edge punch Stars.  
Joann of /  used this punch for forsythia branches in her Easter peddlers cart.  I think it will have lots of uses

Then I also got a ek success edger punch - card suits -- it was on clearance.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I bought as much as I enjoy seeing what supplies and tools you are using and buying. I’ll show the rest of what I bought later.

Thanks for visiting,  Mary


  1. Hi Mary! I found your blog after seeing you comment on my friend Doreen's blog. I love the punches you have bought- we should be getting a Michaels in my town by next summer and I am very excited :) Are you going to try making some mini flowers now? It's nice to meet you! I look forward to following your blog- I love gardening and kitties too :)

  2. Hi Kim,

    Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy visiting. I hope to make mini flowers soon, I need to find time in between house work and getting seedlings out to the garden.