Monday, April 25, 2011

Shh Jaynie

Jaynie has been complaining for some time that I have not finished her chair. Today she started following me around saying over and over that I really need to finish it now.  (Sorry for the blurry picture.)

 It really is too short for her and I did plan it to have legs.  I finally took the legs that I wanted off a Michael’s hutch, now I can’t find the stain pen that I need before I glue them on.

 Maybe I can distract Jaynie for a while.

It worked, Jaynie is distracted for now with the new cat.

  Hopefully I’ll be able to find the stain tomorrow and finally finish it before she starts in again.

I think I will try to (some day) make a new seat cushion also, I think this one is too flat.

Thanks for visiting, Mary


  1. Jaynie looks very happy in her chair with the cat on her lap.

  2. I like the chair- very nice! lucky Jaynie to get a new kitty!!