Friday, May 11, 2012

A New Project, Thank you and Welcome

I've been at a stand still with Jaynie's Loft for some time now.  I have so many ideas but nothing seems to be coming together.  I keep trying to work out a floor plan and not getting anywhere.  So I've decided to put it to the side for a bit, with the hope that I will be able to see things clearer when I come back to it.

I've decided to work on the  Farmstand kit  that I bought recently,  I will need to add to it, to make it a few inches taller, so Jaynie doesn't bump here head.  I was planning to add a stone textured base to raise it up but that would raise the window/counter up too high.   I will have to figure out how to add to the top.

I'm doing some straightening up and organizing while I gather some of the supplies that I will be using, then I hope that this project will go together smoothly.

I'm also planning to add links to any tutorials and printies that I use to  M's Lists  as  Project  - Farmstand and garden.

I want to send a big Thank You  to  Drora  for the wonderful gifts that she sent.

How luck am I to have such a generous and talented  friend .

Look at all the lovely little things that she has shared.

The flower and the water cooler will work great with the farmstand, all of the rest will go into Jaynie's Loft. (If I can ever figure it out)

BTW  all the gifts are sitting on a  vinyl  floor tile, I'm thinking that it may make a good base for the farmstand.   What do you think?

 Here is a close up of the upper floor of the dollhouse,  I just keep looking at all the amazing details.  I love the little mirror over the dressing table.

And here's the lower floor, doesn't the sofa look very comfy with the tiny pillows.

Jaynie also sends a big thank you and a great big hug.

I want to send a late but warm welcome to 4 new followers who all have wonderful blogs.

Rosario  of  Tinkerbell and Casitas  who recently posted pictures of cute little Ada, a fairy baby that she made.   Jaynie went by for a visit, now she wants me to make her a  blender  and a few  baskets  like the ones that Rosario made so nicely. 

Fabiola of   The Magical World of Fabiola  who just won the 'you inspire me blog'  award.  She  has listed 5 of her habits, so it's a good time to visit and get to know her a bit.   She is working on a pretty little shop which she is filling with beautifully detailed items.  Fabiola is also offering her followers a chance to win some lovely baby items with her  300 followers giveaway , ends May 17.

Lucy of   Evalina Rose   makes amazingly tiny knit items with so much detail.  She recently showed her handsom little bear,  I'm looking forward to reading more of the story of Humble and his friend Pie.   Lucy has also been working on making some darling mini babies and other lovely items in clay.

Heather  of  The Majokko Shop  has cute and creative blog featuring her sweet little friends.   Anna has been very busy lately, she shared how she made a very nice little paper house, she also enjoys Treasure Hunting AKA Geocaching  with Heather, they have had some fun adventures and found some nice little treasures.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. Thanks for the welcome.
    Beautiful gifts from Drora.
    I'm curious to see your new project.
    Bye Faby

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful gifts from Drora enjoy.
    Hugs Maria