Sunday, July 1, 2012

Christmas in July Swap

First I want to thank   Jazzi   for organizing this fun swap,  you can find pictures and links on her blog.

Here are the pictures that I promised

Look at all the wonderful gifts from   Cyd ,  they made Jaynie very happy.

2  great chairs
4 pretty pillows
lovely wall art  (I may try to add tiny hands to
      it if I can fit it in Jaynie's kitchen as a clock)
a interesting rock sculpture
a very nice bowl with feet
a great sheet of printed felt, makes a great floor cover or could be cut to use as artwork

Here's a closer look

 And I almost forgot this great light.

Thank you very much Cyd.   I love eveything, Jaynie's Loft will be much more interesting with these lovely gifts.
 And she even wrapped them all with a very generous amount of pretty printed tissue paper.

And here are the little things that I put together for Cyd.

Cyd posted pictures of some furniture that she had painted in her favorite colors,  (see them here) , so I used those colors as a guide for these gifts.

I made her a set of pillar candles and a rug from upholstery fabric

I put together a scrapbook and a package of     scrapbook paper

I sent some porcelain beads, mainly vase shaped and a cat.

Some closer views.

At the last minute I threw in a few more small items,  a few beads, a blue pen,    I didn't take pictures of them.

BTW  Cyd already used the rug and scrapbook in a bedroom scene at  My Mini Mod Pod      

Here are some links to others that participated in the swap


Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. Wonderful swap. Fantastic gifts both given and received. I love the vase beads. The wall art is beautiful. Enjoy your wonderful treasures.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thanks Maria,
      Jaynie and I will enjoy them very much and we feel so lucky know so many generous people.

  2. Me thinks Jaynie looks very happy! Her loft will look very chic with the gifts! Your candles and scrapbook paper was a great idea. Thanks Mary xx

    1. Dear Jazzi,
      Jaynie is so happy, now if I could just get her loft together she may stay that way.

      I'm glad that you liked my ideas, they do work out sometimes.

  3. through this swap i got to see your blog! love it!!! great gifts you got and exchanged!! :)
    many greetings , Anne ( and so nice you became a follower at my blog!!! :)

  4. Great gifts swap. I love what you sent and what you and Jaynie got.
    I am sure the loft will be wonderful. Enjoy.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Beautiful swap.
    Your candles are fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  6. Lovely swap. You get and send so beautiful minis. Enjoy.
    Hugs from Craftland

  7. Grandiosos regalos!
    Son todos muy bonitos Mary
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for delete the "word verification"
    A hug

  8. Great swap! The miniatures are fantastics! ;)