Friday, March 8, 2013

Covered with snow Again

I stepped out on my front porch to take a few pictures of the trees coated in snow.

I took one picture and got a low battery signal.

Came back out about an hour later, it looks like the wind has blown some of the snow off the trees out front. 

The trees out back are still heavily covered.

If you look closely you can see a few of the branches that came down in the blizzard last month.

I'm staying inside in the warm now.

Cross your fingers for me that we keep our power on and stay warm.

About 8,000 homes in my state are without power and  there has been a lot of damage and flooding near  the shore.

I hope that you are all warm, safe and well.

We know that we live in New England, we had no snow on the ground the day before yesterday.  Now we have about 12-14 inches and it is still lightly snowing.  We have forecasts for some spring like weather with tempertures in the 60's for next week. 

I hope to have some minis to show very soon, thanks for being so patient with me.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. Nice photos, Mary! Brrr, it looks cold. Stay warm and safe and dry. I look forward to seeing your minis when they're done. xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. The trees do look so pretty sparkling with snow. Spot and I stay snuggled up inside while my husband goes out to shovel. Warmer weather is just a few days away.
      A Big Mini Hug

  2. Dear Mary,
    Stay indoors and keep warm. I'll hold my fingers crossed that your power works and you and your family are safe.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Dear Drora,
      Thank you for your concern, I have no plans to go out until after the snow melts. I think that we are past most of the threat of loosing our power. The electric companies did a great job of getting most repairs done very quickly, last news less than 100 homes without power.
      A Big Mini Hug

  3. Hola Mary, es verdaderamente hermoso el paisaje, pero demasiado frío para mí.
    Abrígate, espero que la primavera llegue pronto.
    Un abrazo