Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Surprise in the Mail

I’ve vented my complaints about poor customer service with you in the past, so I thought it only fair that I also share an example of excellent service.

My husband has been dealing with our insurance company,  Met Life ,   after his car got damaged.
Tonight he came in with the mail and was wondering what was in the package from Met, opened it to find a card with my name on it,

    And this

Cute little Snoopy stuffy, to brighten my day.

Last week while he was on the phone talking to an agent, my husband had mentioned that I was not feeling well.
The card was wishing me a speedy recovery.

Look at his sun glasses and his letterman's jacket,
He is so cool!!


I'm feeling much better.

Thank you so much, Crystal

for great customer service

and this cute gift.

Thank you for visiting, Mary

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mary, It is nice to acknowledge the small kindnesses that come our way. Just a smile from a stranger can warm the day.
    Regards Janine