Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet My Cat

Olwyn of   Oly's little world  had a picture of her 2 ginger kittens on her new blog, so cute.  I started looking through pictures of my old boy,  so I thought you might like to see some.  These were taken this July.

This one is one of his senior moments,  he decided that the kitchen table (piled with alot of my crafts at the time) was a good place for a nap.  My husband took the picture and left it to me to move the cat. 

And here are a few older pictures.  He was a bit chubbier in these.

And an even older one with his older brother Kit.   ( He lived to just shy of 15 yrs old)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures.                                                                                                     

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. Mary, he is gorgeous. When I think of cats this is what I see, a ginger one.

  2. Your cat is beautiful. Lol he looks so like mine.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Why do cats always love craft things? My cat demolished the whole ground floor shop in my dollshouse. Lovely to see yours. Gill x

  4. I love red cats,there is one here,a kitten, white like snow and with a bit of red hairs only in the muzzle and tail.I do love him,but he is a bit savage !!!I'm studiing the way to make him love me and giving him a home with me and my boyfriend !

  5. I love the Cat!!! So cute... Kisses