Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Hate Bugs

I'm not getting much done.  I've been sitting with my foot up for the last few days and most likely also the next few.  I have a very swollen and very sore toe from an insect bite, probably a spider.  I went to the doctor today (second time in 3 days) because it was still getting worse.   Now I have a lot of medicine to take, hopefully it will help soon.

Rachel,  Thank you very much for the  PIF gifts that you sent.  I love everything, they are all beautiful.  Hopefully I'll be able to take pictures to post in a few days. 

Maria,  Welcome to my PIF Swap, please e-mail me your address.   I'll start planning your gift  now,  I'll start putting it together as soon as I'm able.   I'll try to be quicker than I was with others but please be patient with me.   I'm still not being able to post a comment on your blog, I keep getting disconnected. 

Thank you for visiting, Mary

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  1. Sorry about your bug bite. I hope medicine helps and you feel better now. Wishing you a quick recovery and many comforting hugs, Drora