Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gifts from Rachel

I received beautiful gifts from dear  Rachel a couple of weeks ago, while I was sitting with my swollen toe up.  These lovely gifts brightened my day.

This beautifully detailed corset,  all the little bits of lace, ribbon and tiny beads, it's just perfect.   I love the tiny flower print fabric.

"Look at the beautiful hat, it's mine"  That's Jaynie, she grabbed it and put it on right away.
This is just so amazing, the tiny flowers, you can't see it from the picture but the green one is sparkly, so very pretty.  I just love love those feathers.

"They have to have another Royal Wedding now that I have the perfect hat." 

I don't think that's going to happen Jaynie, but  I agree it is a great hat.

And a beautifully stitched mat and 2 cakes.
I love the colors and pattern, so nice. 

Rachel got over her fear of Fimo with great success.  Look at the orange and kiwi slices, the whipped cream, yummy!

Thank you so much for these great gifts, Rachel.  I love everything,  now I have to start planning a way to display them, so that I can look at them all the time.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. I hope you are much better now. :) The gifts are beautiful. Enjoy them. Hugs Maria

  2. Maria,

    Yes, I'm much better, thank you. I'm still not able to comment on your blog, I keep getting disconnected. I have started working on your PIF gift, hopefully it wont take too long.

  3. I am really pleased you feel better now. I agree with you about Rachel's super work. Her delicious cakes now decorate my sweet shop. I am also a very fortunate possesor of two fabulous Rachel's hats
    which will proudly decorate my sewing room. Hugs,

  4. what beautiful gifts! I love the hat- and the cakes are wonderful :)