Saturday, June 22, 2013

Give-Away Gifts to Jennifer and Faby

Jennifer and Faby   have show both received their gifts that they won in my last give-away so I can show  you my pictures. 

First for Jennifer I made a few books and book marks.

I added a few pages with pictures of cupcakes to the cookbook, I know that Sophie and Flossy enjoy baking and like cupcakes.

I also made a journal with blank pages, 2 pens, a romance paperback and included 2 silver frames, that can also be used as trays.

I also sent a few porcelain vase beads. I added a bit of plastic plant in one. I didn't glue it, it can be changed if wanted.

Jennifer let me know that she likes red, so I included a piece of red lace that I think would make a lovely bed spread. I left it unfinished so that Jennifer can use it as she likes.

I sent both Faby and Jennifer an assortment of veggies, I only took a picture of one, they were very much alike.

peeled carrots
sliced carrots
carrot peels
peeled potatoes
cut potatoes
potato peels
opened baked potatoes
green beans
and some pats of butter

I sent Faby a few books, the stone vase with flowers that she let me know she liked and a vase with plants.

I made 2 special journals for Faby with
'Il Mio Diario' (My Journal) on the spines.

Also 2 pens, bookmarks, 2 silver frames and a romance paperback.

And 4 small plastic chairs.

Just before I packaged up their gifts I made some bathroom brushes and necklaces so I added these also.  The ones on the left to Jennifer and right for Faby.

I'm trying to make a brush holder but have not figured it out, yet.

I didn't take pictures of the clamps that I sent to both and some how missed the baby bottles that I included in Jennifer's package,  you can see more pictures on Jennifer's and Faby's  blogs.

I'm so happy that they liked these gifts that I sent them in my mother's honor, I can imagine my mom smiling.

I used the tutorial from Bruita's minis blog as a guide to make the pens.
If you try your hand at making these, for a more realistic look, use opaque bugle and seed beads, not translucent. I used plain white glue and it seems to have held fine.

I used the tutorial from Joanne's minis blog  for the bathroom brush.  If you don't know Joanne's blog you need to go visit, you will find many great tips, ideas, tutorials and projects, including a weekly trash-to-treasures tutorial.

The paperback was made from a printie but I don't know from where.  If I find it I'll add a link.

If you're looking for tutorials and printies remember to visit my other blog M's Lists , it now has over 1,000 links to tutorials and I'm still updating and adding more.

Please let me know what you like so that I'll be ready if you win my next give away that I plan to do soon.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. Your gifts are all beautiful. They are both very lucky girls :) I love the bathroom brushes and the books are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria, I think I'm the lucky one to have so many lovely friends to share this fun hobby with. The bathroom brushes are easy to put together and add an interesting detail to a bathroom scene.
      A Big Mini Hug

  2. Dear Mary,
    Your gifts are all very beautiful and practical. I love what you created yourself, the pens, notebooks, books and bathroom brushes. And, of course the beads... Lucky winners! I know from experience.
    You have done a great service to all of us bloggers with your M's Lists blog. For this I'm very grateful to you.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Dear Drora, Thank you for your kind comments. I'm so glad that you find M's Lists useful, there are so many talented people generously sharing their knowledge, I just try to help people find them a little easier.
      A Big Mini Hug

  3. Your package was a big surprise! I like evrything and I put many of these accessories in my roombox and stalls. Thank you very much. You're a very generous girl.
    Friendly greetings, Fbay

    1. Hi Faby, I'm happy that you found the gifts useful. You are very welcome, I enjoy sharing.
      A Big Mini Hug

  4. Los regalos son muy bonitos y tanto Fabiola como Jennifer son muy afortunadas. No conocía tu otro blog, muy interesante, gracias. Un saludo, Eva

    1. Hi Eva, I enjoyed putting together gifts for Jennifer and Faby they are both sweet hearts and always leave such nice comments. I hope that you enjoyed your visit to M's List.
      A Big Mini Hug

  5. Hi Mary, You really outdid yourself--I love everything you sent! The toilet bowl brushes look so cute in Flossy and Sophie's houses--they add so much character to a scene! And your mini food looks so realistic and tasty. My mouth waters every time I even think about the baked potatoes you sent. Thanks again for everything. Your giveaway was so fun! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, I'm so glad that you are enjoying the gifts. I hope that a bit of butter helps Flossy and Sophie eat their veggies. I enjoy making veggies because they don't have to be even, a crooked table doesn't look too good but a crooked carrot looks great. LOL
      A Big Mini Hug

  6. Hi Mary, I just visited Jennifer's blog, she was one of the lucky winners. You made her and Faby wonderful gifts.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona, Thank you for your kind comment. I hope to do more give-aways, maybe you could be a lucky winner next.
      A Big Mini Hug