Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Fling 2012

Have you seen the Greenleaf  Spring Fling house? 

The main building is only $18.95, it is a small, one room building.  There are lots of add ons, a farm stand for $11.95,  a green house  for $14.95, there are 2 alternate roof kits, a sky light roof for $13.95 and a standing seam roof for $7.95.  They also have 3 different door for $4.45 each and a wooden deck for $5.45.

I really like the farm stand and the green house but Jaynie doesn't, she says that they are to short for her.  They are only 7" high and have slanted roofs, Jaynie is 6" tall, she doesn't want to be bumping her head.

What do you think?   

I really want the main building and some doors, I think the doors are a good buy.   I'm on the fence about the farm stand and the green house, I would have loved them if they were a couple of inches taller.

I need to decide quickly on this one before the price goes up,  I missed out last years.

I can't wait to see what great ideas people will have for this one.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. Mary, why don't you get the greenhouse and farm stand and just add a couple of inches to the bottom with other wood or foamcore? It would be pretty easy to do. I agree. The buildings look like fun...The only problem is, I just now started last year's kit!LOL

    1. Hi Casey,

      I was just thinking the same thing, I think that the green house would look good with a brick foundation. If I do buy them they will be put aside for now, I'm trying to keep working on Jaynie's Loft. I've enjoyed watching you put together your Weaver's Cottage, better late than never. I hope that you have good luck with the new house paint.