Friday, December 16, 2011

Sharing Christmas

I love Christmas decorations, I love all the colors, the textures, the sparkle, the lights and the scents.

I love santas, sleighs, reindeer and elves.  I love snowflakes, icicles and snowmen.  I love pine trees, wreaths, acorn and flowers.  I love holly, poinsettias and mistletoe.  I love angels, stockings, stars and presents.   I love bows, ribbon, beads and lace.  I love miniature houses, nativity scenes and gingerbread houses.  I love birds, deer, bear and other animals.  I love garland, tinsel and  candy canes.  Did I miss anything?       

Did I say 'I love Christmas decorations'.    

Jaynie loves Christmas decorations too and she has been having fun.

I was going to take a couple more close up pictures but my camera died.  I guess I need to find a new one.  I hope that I can find another    one that I like as much.

And I love looking at all the decorations (both real and mini) that have been shared in blogland. 

I recently found a lovely blog that showcases many beautiful  nativity  scenes.  Then I found that Carrie has two more blogs, one that celebrates  Christmas  and one where she shares her  collections, thrift decor and inspirational thoughts .    I love Carrie's blogs, I could spend many hours looking at all of her collections.  If you like these things too go by to visit Carrie.

Thank you for visiting, Mary


  1. I loved reading your post and the scene looks lovely. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  2. Drora, I enjoyed writing it and thinking of your lovely minis reminded me that I also love train sets, dolls and Teddy bears. Thank you, Season's Greetings to you. A Big Mini Hug.